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Late Antiquity in the Mediterranean

Images of Late Antiquity

I highly recommend Images from History, part of the Gateway to World History site created by Haines Brown of Connecticut State University. It has recently been moved to a University of Alabama server and its links reorganized.

Using Images from History I have constructed a Visual Tour through Late Antiquity which emphasizes material relevant to the time of Gregory of Tours (6th century Gaul).

Paul Halsall's Gallery of Byzantine Images collects a vast number of links to images of Late Antiquity and later Byzantine times.

Bill Thayer's Lacus Curtius site includes a large Roman Gazeteer.

Kathryn Andrus-Walck's Roman Art and Architecture site (University of Colorado at Colorado Springs) includes a special section on The Art and Architecture of Constantine.

Justin Paolo has provided portraits of some later Roman emperors.

Diotima's Art Links give access to images of women.

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