World History of Democracy: Bibliographic Suggestions from our Readers

Bibliographic suggestions from our readers

Edited by Steven Muhlberger

Associate Professor of History, Nipissing University

World History of Democracy Site

From: Cary Lenehan, Ph.D. candidate and part-time instructor in sociology. (

If I may offer some suggestions, there are a couple of books that may interest you in this project.

Glick, Thomas F. (1970) "Irrigation and Society in Medieval Valencia" Belknap Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Fascinating look that confirms that the exigencies of a hydraulic society are not a sufficient condition for the formation of Oriental Despotism (note: no explicit mention of Marx, but some good stuff on this point). Some more stuff on small-scale historical democratic formations.

Pakulski, Jan (1991) "Social Movements: the politics of moral protest" Longman Cheshire, Melbourne. A more general model of the modes of protest and action (democratic and anti-democratic) in modernity.

Giddens, Anthony (1985) "A Contemporary Critique of HistoricAl materialism" Polity Press, Cambridge. While I have only read vol 2 "The Nation State and Violence", this does appear to speak to some of the issues that it seems you may be setting out to examine - particularly in relation to the democratization vs. militarization of society and the monopolization of violence by the state.

If you know of books or articles would interest to other students of democracy, please let me know.