Deeds of Arms

A Collection of Accounts
of Formal Deeds of Arms of the Fourteenth Century

edited by Steven Muhlberger

Excerpts from Geoffrey le Baker's Chronicle, from Chronicon Galfridi le Baker de Swynebroke, ed. Edward Maunde Thompson (Oxford, 1889), pp. 75, 101.

Translation by Steven Muhlberger.  Translation copyright 2001.

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p. 75

A.D. 1342

Rex deinde ad partes reversus australes egregium torneamentum apud Dunstaple solempnizavit, cum ducenti et triginta militibus, et eodem anno unum bourdis apud Norhamptone fieri permisit.

A.D. 1342

Then [after his Scottish campaign] the king [Edward III] returned to the southern parts and celebrated an exceptional tournament at Dunstaple, with 230 knights; and the same year he allowed a behourd to take place at Northampton.

p. 101

A.D. 1349

Intera, ad festum Nativitatis sancti Iohannis Baptiste, in purificacione regine apud Wyndesore fuerunt solempnia hastiludia, quibus interfuerunt David rex Scotorum, comes de Hew, dominus de Tankerville, dominus Karolus de Bloys, et alienigene multi captivi, et de licencia regis suorumque magistrorum hastiludiabant; ubi favorabiliter gracia campi comiti de Ew fuerat adiudicata.  Postea, tempore adipis ferini, iidem captivi cum domino rege apud Clarindone et in aliis forestis, cum aliis eciam regni proceribus, iocundo studio venacionis se dedere.

A.D. 1349

Meanwhile [while war was taking place in Flanders] on the feast of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist, in conjunction with the purification of the Queen, hastiludes were celebrated at Windsor, in which David, king of Scots, the Count of Eu, the lord of Tankerville, Lord Charles of Blois and many foreign captives were present, and they took part in the hastiludes by the permission of the king and their captors; the Count of Eu was given first place for his performance on the field.   Afterwards, in hunting season, the same captives, along with the lord king and other leading men of the kingdom, gave themselves to the pleasurable pursuit of hunting at Clarendon and in other forests.