Friday, December 11, 2009

Obama's Nobel Speech and Just War theory

Matthew Gabriele at Virginia Tech, who knows a thing or two about Crusading ideology, has a great analysis of Obama's Nobel Prize acceptance speech:

It's a fascinating speech in many ways. Agree or disagree on its merits, it's a learned speech -- one that understands its subject and that subject's history. All in all, it's a speech that some might say is positively medieval. I don't throw that term around lightly.

President Obama: just another post-WWII president, late antique Roman bishop, or the new Pope Urban II? If those were the choices, which would you opt for?

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OpenID tenthmedieval said...

I think the one of those with the most potential for good for the world is actually 'just another post-war US President'. Urban II was an amazing figure in his times but I don't think we want a real Crusade just now, especially one that runs out of its instigator's control and goes to war with a substantial quasi-imperial power of the East...

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