Thursday, April 03, 2008

Checking out the archives of Vic

At any good university the historians insist that students use original sources. But only a few early medieval historians get to use sources like this in their original form:

The archive in question is in Vic, in Catalonia (which may be in Spain, depending on who you ask).

Also in Vic is this modern statue 11th century bishop Oliba, which symbolizes his connection to the Peace and Truce of God, which students in HIST 3116 next fall will be learning about to their complete satisfaction.

Thanks to Jonathan Jarrett at A Corner of Tenth-Century Europe who had entirely too much fun in the archives.

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OpenID tenthmedieval said...

This seems... strangely familiar. But tell us Professor, whose is the stray hand that tentatively pulls taut the archival goodies?

8:29 AM  
Blogger Steve Muhlberger said...

I was trying to lure them over to your place, real subtle-like. But then I should know that most visitors don't click through. Are they more likely to with more specifics in the link?

8:50 AM  
OpenID tenthmedieval said...

I'm not sure, I was mainly keen to be credited for the metal bishop photo :-) But an examination of my stats suggests that you've sent me eight readers since that went up, two yesterday and six today; I don't of course know whether that was before or after you were forced to abandon subtlety. Thankyou in any case for the extra publicity.

4:12 PM  

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