Sunday, June 25, 2006

East Anglia -- historical treasure house

No part of the earth is without its historical interest, but we all have our favorites. For my family, East Anglia is a bit special. It's a part of Britain that was extremely important in the Middle Ages but which has been a bit off the beaten track since then. As a result, the medieval landscape and the buildings of East Anglia are well-preserved.

Today Explorator has a link to an East Anglian tourist site that concerns Roman remains. It's an interview with one Andrew McCloy, co-author with Andrew Midgley of Exploring Roman Britain, a book which, like many others over the years, tells you how to experience the British landscape by walking the ancient roads and paths that cross it. The interview and the pictures with it are so good I'll just let you have your own look and not try to summarize.


Blogger cardinal_wolsey said...

As a native of East Anglia, it was good to read your post. I would recommend the strange heath landscape of the Breckland, near Thetford in Norfolk if you are ever visiting the area - there is a lot of history in the landscape.

5:28 PM  

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