Friday, May 26, 2006

History repeats itself in Afghanistan

I try to stay a certain distance from current political issues, but I would like my readers to have access to this report from the Asia Times by Syed Saleem Shahzad, which rather confirms my own suspicions; namely, that sooner rather than later Afghan distaste for foreign occupation will outweigh distaste for the Taliban and the NATO mission will be in an impossible situation.

Notions that foreign allies of one Afghan faction can help it incrementally build a stable regime are completely unsupported by the history of interventions in Afghanistan. The Afghans are far too independent for that.

A short account of the 1842 British disaster in Afghanistan, apparently originally from the San Francisco Chronicle, is here.

The best source for Afghan news on a daily basis is Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, which despite its origins as an American voice in Cold War Europe, has more real Afghan news than any other media outlet I know -- it goes well beyond the latest NATO casualty. You can subscribe by e-mail to regular reports on a variety of topics. This is stuff you won't find anywhere else.


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