Lab Members

2015-2016 Lab Members


Lab Director

Justin Carré, PhDDSC_1801
Dr. Carré received his Ph.D. in 2010 from Brock University in Canada under the mentorship of Dr. Cheryl McCormick. He went on to do a post-doctoral fellowship in Dr. Ahmad Hariri’s Laboratory of NeuroGenetics at Duke University where he examined the neural correlates of individual differences in human aggression. His research is dedicated toward detailing the complex neuroendocrine mechanisms underlying variation in human competitive and aggressive behaviour.

Lab Coordinator

Triana L. Ortiz, BA (Hons)IMG_0182
Triana graduated from a BA with Honours in Psychology. For her thesis project, she studied how psychopathic traits moderate the effect of testosterone on empathic abilities in men. Her research interest fall closely in line with Forensic Psychology and hopes to go onto grad school in the topic once she completes her Masters of Education at Nipissing. In addition Triana is a dance teacher at a local dance studio.

Current Honours Thesis Students

Emily Jeanneault2016-02-26 15.27.28
Emily is currently in her third year of a BA with specialization in Psychology and a minor in Sociology. Her research interested include, personality disorders and psychopathology. She hopes to complete her honours thesis in the lab next year. She is currently volunteering in the lab to grain research experience. In her spare time she plays women’s league soccer and enjoys travelling abroad.

Jessica Ibey
.2016-02-25 13.26.51
Jessica is currently enrolled and working towards a BA with Honours Specialization in Psychology. Some of her general research interests include personality characteristics and how they interplay with social dynamics, emotions, and psychopathology. She is an avid reader and sometimes likes to pretend she’s a good photographer. Jessica is looking forward to beginning my thesis work next year

Kimberly Gilbert
2016-02-26 13.05.09Kim is currently a fourth year undergraduate student, pursuing and honours specialization in psychology. She is currently working on her undergraduate thesis in the Social Neuroendocrinology Lab analyzing the relationship between testosterone and signature size. Kim intends on pursuing a master’s degree in clinical psychology. Her current research interests include developmental psychology and the relationship between cortisol and risk taking behaviour. While not volunteering in the lab, Kim works as a research assistant for the lab, as well as the chair of the Nipissing and Canadore Relay for Life. In her little spare time Kim spends her time outdoors hiking, fishing, snowmobiling and hunting.

Future Thesis Student

Nicole Marley
2016-02-26 13.01.50.
Nicole is currently completing her BSc Honours Specialization in Psychology and minoring in biology. She is interested in the biological aspect of neuroendocrinology and intends to perform her thesis in the lab. She is volunteering in the lab to gain research experience for when she completes her thesis in the lab. In her spare time, Nicole enjoys yoga and baking.

Kendra Maracle
.2016-02-26 13.04.29
Kendra is in her second year of the BSc Psychology program, working towards receiving a neuroscience certificate. She is interested research applicable to clinical psychology and medicine. In addition her interests include the treatment and underlying mechanisms of psychiatric disorders. Kendra is currently volunteering in the lab to gain research experience for when she completes her thesis in the lab.

Brittney Robinson
Brittney is currently enrolled in a BA with honours specialization in psychology and a minor in sociology. She is working towards pursuing a master’s degree in applied social psychology. Some of her research interests include psychopathology, social psychology and specifically the relationship between testosterone and mating. She is currently volunteering in the lab to gain research experience and work towards her thesis next year.  In her spare time she enjoys yoga and painting.

Victoria Bass-Parcher

Victoria is currently a second degree student completing a BA Specialization in Psychology. Having previously graduated from Police Foundations and Criminal Justice (Honours), Victoria also holds a minor in Gender Studies and Social Justice. She is deeply interested in somatosensory disorders, particularly Anorexia Nervosa (AN) and Body-Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD). In the hope of continuing studies at the graduate level, Victoria began volunteering in the lab to gain research experience and stay up-to-date on body image research with the help of Dr. Carre.

Research Assistants

Colton Baird-RoIMG_0175we

Colton is currently completing his last year of his BSc Honours Specialization in Biology after spending this past year studying in Grenoble, France improving his French and Russian. Colton intends on pursuing a second degree in Chinese before applying to medical school. Outside of the lab, Colton is actively volunteering with St. John Ambulance as a medical first responder, as well as experimenting with the possibilities of astral projection, the transfer of consciousness on an energetic level and the implications this has on our three dimensional reality. 

Caelan MathersIMG_0188
Caelan is in his second year of the BA Honours Specialization in Psychology, as well as pursuing a minor in Sociology. He is interested in studying interactions between individuals and groups. Caelan is currently volunteering in the lab to gain research experience for when he completes his thesis in the lab.

Dalton Rogers
Dalton is entering his third year at Nipissing University, he is currently in the Criminology program. He is interested in the relationship between hormones and crime with specific interest in hormones and recidivism. His personal interests are physical fitness, and his horses. He also volunteers with youth programs and enjoys spending time in the outdoors.


Brian M. Bird, Completed MA at Laurentian University, 2016
–Currently a PhD student in Clinical Psychology at Simon Fraser University 

Nathan Olmstead, Completed BA at Nipissing University, 2016
–Currently MA student in Political Science and Government at Brock University

Erika Ruddick, Completed BA at Nipissing University, 2016
Currently a BEd. student at Nipissing University


Rachel Norman, Research Assistant in SNE, 2013-2015
–Lab Instructor for Intro Psychology, Nipissing University

Zach Root, Research Assistant in SNE, 2015-2016
–Graduate Student, Kinesiology, Brock University

Ben Moreau, NOHFC Intern/Lab Manger in SNE, 2014-2015
–Medical Student, Northern Ontario School of Medicine

Amy Hatcher, Research Assistant in SNE, 2014-2015
–Graduate Student, Western University

Valeska Cid Jobré, Visiting scholar in SNE, 2015
–Graduate Student, University of Chile

Amber Videto, Completed BA at Nipissing University, 2016
–Currently Human Resource Student, Cambrian College

Taylor-Rae Cote, Completed BA at Nipissing University, 2016

Meghan McLaren, Completed BA at Nipissing University, 2016

Brandy Labine, Completed BA at Nipissing University, 2015

Keith Welker, Completed Ph.D. at Wayne State University, 2014
–Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts Boston

Stefan Goetz, MA student at Wayne State University, 2012-2013
–PhD student at Wayne State University

Lingfei Tang, MA student at Wayne State University, 2012-2013
–PhD student at Wayne State University

Eric Fuller, Completed Ph.D. Wayne State University, 2015
–Lecturer, University of Michigan, Dearborn