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Lab Director


Justin Carré, PhD
Dr. Carré received his Ph.D. in 2010 from Brock University in Canada under the mentorship of Dr. Cheryl McCormick. He went on to do a post-doctoral fellowship in Dr. Ahmad Hariri’s Laboratory of NeuroGenetics at Duke University where he examined the neural correlates of individual differences in human aggression. His research is dedicated toward detailing the complex neuroendocrine mechanisms underlying variation in human competitive and aggressive behaviour.

Lab Manager

Triana L. Ortiz, BA (Hons), M.Ed Candidate
IMG_0182Triana graduated from Nipissing Universities Honours Bachelor of Arts in Psychology program. She started out as a volunteer in the lab before completed her undergraduate thesis with Dr.Carré. For her thesis project, she studied how psychopathic traits moderate the effect of testosterone on empathic abilities in men. Her research interest fall closely in line with Forensic Psychology and hopes to go onto grad school in the topic once she completes her Masters of Education at Nipissing. Triana is responsible for managing all students and research studies in the lab. When not in the lab, Triana is a dance teacher at a local dance studio.

Post Doctoral Fellows

Valentina Proietti, PhD

Valentina completed her PhD at the Univeristy of Milano-Bicocca, Italy under the mentorship of Dr.Viola Macchi Cassia and then completed a postdoc at Brock University, working with Dr.Cathy Mondlock. During her doctoral and postdoctoral work, she conducted research on how experience at different times during development (i.e: infancy, childhood, adulthood, and older adulthood) affects our face processing ability (e.g: our ability to recognize individual’s personality traits. Here in the SNE lab she will examine the role of social/contextual factors in promoting dehumanization of same-sex or opposite-sex interaction partners. She will also examine the extent to which similar social/contextual factors modulate basic face processing abilities. Finally, she will utilize pharmacological challenge approaches to examine the role of testosterone in modulating face processing abilities.

Shawn Geniole, PhD

Shawn is currently a visiting Banting Postdoctoral Research Fellow, funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, working on several collaborative projects at Nipissing University and the University of Vienna. He will be investigating the role of testosterone in promoting prosocial and antisocial behaviours, and how the strength and direction of these relationships may change depending on social factors such as an individual’s perceived or actual social status within society or their social group. His research approach incorporates techniques from experimental economics, social psychology, and psychopharmacology.

Current Honours Thesis Students

Nicole Marley

Nicole is currently completing her BSc Honours Specialization in Psychology and minoring in biology. She is interested in the biological aspect of neuroendocrinology and intends to perform her thesis in the lab. She is volunteering in the lab to gain research experience for when she completes her thesis in the lab. In her spare time, Nicole enjoys yoga and baking.

Kendra Maracle
Kendra is in her second year of the BSc Psychology program, working towards receiving a neuroscience certificate. She is interested research applicable to clinical psychology and medicine. In addition her interests include the treatment and underlying mechanisms of psychiatric disorders. Kendra is currently volunteering in the lab to gain research experience for when she completes her thesis in the lab.

Brittney Robinson

Brittney is currently enrolled in a BA with honours specialization in psychology and a minor in sociology. She is working towards pursuing a master’s degree in applied social psychology. Some of her research interests include psychopathology, social psychology and specifically the relationship between testosterone and mating. She is currently volunteering in the lab to gain research experience and work towards her thesis next year.  In her spare time she enjoys yoga and painting.

Megan Phillips

Charlotte Miller

Research Assistants

Caelan Mathers
Caelan is in his second year of the BA Honours Specialization in Psychology, as well as pursuing a minor in Sociology. He is interested in studying interactions between individuals and groups. Caelan is currently volunteering in the lab to gain research experience for when he completes his thesis in the lab.


Nadia Desrosiers

Jessica Cearns

Rachael Carpentier


Chad Trembley


Kimberly Gilbert, Completed BA at Nipissing University 2017

Emily Jeanneault, Completed BA at Nipissing University 2017

Jessica Ibey, Completed BA at Nipissing University 2017

Brian M. Bird, Completed MA at Laurentian University, 2016
–Currently a PhD student in Clinical Psychology at Simon Fraser University 

Nathan Olmstead, Completed BA at Nipissing University, 2016
–Currently MA student in Political Science and Government at Brock University

Erika Ruddick, Completed BA at Nipissing University, 2016

Rachel Norman, Research Assistant in SNE, 2013-2015
–Lab Instructor for Intro Psychology, Nipissing University

Zach Root, Research Assistant in SNE, 2015-2016
–Graduate Student, Kinesiology, Brock University

Ben Moreau, NOHFC Intern/Lab Manger in SNE, 2014-2015
–Medical Student, Northern Ontario School of Medicine

Amy Hatcher, Research Assistant in SNE, 2014-2015
–Graduate Student, Western University

Valeska Cid Jobré, Visiting scholar in SNE, 2015
–Graduate Student, University of Chile

Amber Videto, Completed BA at Nipissing University, 2016

Taylor-Rae Cote, Completed BA at Nipissing University, 2016

Meghan McLaren, Completed BA at Nipissing University, 2016

Brandy Labine, Completed BA at Nipissing University, 2015

Keith Welker, Completed Ph.D. at Wayne State University, 2014
–Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts Boston

Stefan Goetz, MA student at Wayne State University, 2012-2013
–PhD student at Wayne State University

Lingfei Tang, MA student at Wayne State University, 2012-2013
–PhD student at Wayne State University

Eric Fuller, Completed Ph.D. Wayne State University, 2015
–Lecturer, University of Michigan, Dearborn